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Toronto Finance International publishes report on sustainable finance opportunity


A new report published by Toronto Finance International looks at the revenues Toronto financial firms could make by targeting sustainable companies and projects.

Canada’s financial companies could make annual revenues of $110 billion by 2025 by targeting firms and projects that reduce or have lower greenhouse gas emissions, a trio of public and private groups said Sept. 17.

Taking advantage of the estimated opportunity, which was measured by Corporate Knights Research, requires a coordinated strategy between governments and companies, public-private partnership Toronto Finance International and financial services firm Ernst & Young Canada, two other members of the group, said.

“Research shows this is more than just the right thing to do, it makes business sense,” Ernst & Young Canada climate change and sustainability services leader Thibaut Millet said in a statement.

Canadian financial firms, predominantly based in Toronto, would make the revenues by supporting projects across the building, transportation, energy and heavy industry sectors between 2019 and 2025, the group’s report, Capitalizing on Sustainable Finance: A growth opportunity for Toronto’s financial sector, says.

Learn more at: https://tfi.ca/news/sustainable-finance-report-capitalizing-on-sustainable-finance-a-growth-opportunity-for-torontos-financial-sector


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