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Green Bonds

Canada’s green infrastructure deficit (transit, electricity grid, water systems) is restraining our productivity. While investors controlling trillions of dollars of private capital have issued a call for investment-grade green bonds dedicated to green infrastructure, the current size of the global green bond market tops out at $200 billion (a drop in the bucket of the $78 trillion bond market).

$171 billion is required to upgrade Canadian infrastructure in poor condition and institutional investors are looking to invest in green fixed income.


  • Remove barriers for green bond issues to raise capital for major new infrastructure such as transit upgrades.  Sovereign “green bonds” could have the same characteristics as plain vanilla bonds, except that the funds raised are ring-fenced for investment in green infrastructure such as transit and electric grids

  • Government-to-government credit enhancement (e.g., partial loan guarantees) that allow for better bond ratings and reduce the cost of investment in green infrastructure and affordable housing projects

  • Government-to-business credit enhancement, whereby government offers credit enhancement to banks and developers for green building and affordable housing projects

Examples of successful implementation